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Special BWB Acetate Shape with silicone code 9837 Lapidated Heart 200g.

Brand: BWB Code 9837 Lapidated Heart 200g cavities: 2 Cavity measurements: Length: 95mm x Width: 94mm x Height: 32mm Average Weight: 200g / 45g (peel)

sold in unit.

Acetate mold with silicone (3 parts), 2 rigid parts of acetate and 1 flexible part of silicone (the silicone comes with the amount according to the number of cavities). Ideal for making chocolate candies.

The special shape facilitates and speeds up the production of your sweets. The main acetate has a marking where it indicates the amount of chocolate (icing) to be inserted in the mold. Next, the silicone parts must be placed and, finally, the other rigid acetate part. After they are all fitted, you must press the parts together so that the chocolate is evenly distributed throughout the cavity of the mold. To dry the chocolate, place it in the refrigerator until the mold becomes matte, showing that it is ready to be unmoulded.

We do not advise storing the finished candy in the fridge to prevent it from sweating and getting whitish stains.

Before and after using your mold, clean it with a cloth dipped in warm water. Let it dry. Never use detergent, soap or loofah.

Clean your BWB pan between processes with absorbent paper only.

Keep packaging out of the reach of children. Store out of sunlight and do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50°C.

Forma Coração Lapidado Silicone Especial 200g Cód 9837/BWB.


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