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PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS Cut Heart Box Specific kraft box to accommodate the famous cut heart.

With this box you will be able to put your three hearts, so that they are right, without dancing in the box, and it is much more beautiful and delicate.

You can also decorate with tags; satin ribbons; stickers and whatever else you prefer.

*** This box is for the 65g Truffle. Ref 9836 from the BWB Brand.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Approximate product dimensions: Assembled Box: Height: 14cm x Length: 19.5cm x Width: 3.2cm Heart cavity: Width: 6.7cm x Height: 6.9cm x Thickness: 2cm

Quantity: 5 Units. Number of cavities: 3 cavities.

Caixa Para Coração Lapidado Com 3 Cavidades Kraft - Com 1Un


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