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PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS Fun Box for 6 Sweets Custom box for 6 sweets, whether brigadiers, truffles, chocolates and whatever else you prefer.

Ideal for the production of souvenirs; for Christmas gifts or for sale.

* TIPS: - Use candy molds, boxes, cribs and mats to accommodate your sweets inside the box.

*OBS: The cribs, and mats for sweets do not come with the box.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Approximate dimensions of the assembled box: Bottom: 12.8cm x 8.2cm Box Height: 3.5cm

Quantity: 1Units. Composition: Triplex paper.

*NOTE: The box comes disassembled to facilitate shipping and shipping costs.

Caixa Divertida Paixão Para 6 Doces Com 1Un


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