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In this Kit contains:

1 Repos Liquid Softener for Cuticles and Calluses 120 ml 1 Repos Cuticle Remover Cream 120gr Repos Liquid Softener for Cuticles and Calluses 120ml- is a Cuticle and Callus Softener that offers Manicure, Pedicure and Podiatry professionals much more agility in their cuticle removal activities and is also perfect for scraping calluses from the feet, as the product provides: - Economy, Practicality and Hygiene. - Softens the cuticles without using water, so you won't need to soak your fingernails or toenails in water, you won't use basins or disposable gloves to soften the cuticles. - Perfect for softening foot calluses and scraping. - It has no smell and does not leave the nails yellow. - Antibacterial and biodegradable product. -

📌Easy to use, allowing you to save more time on a daily basis.

- Quality product.

How to use on Cuticles: Apply on the cuticles, wait only 10 seconds and start to easily remove the cuticle. - How to use it on Calluses or Dead Cells: Apply directly on the affected part and wait up to 3 minutes, then use the appropriate spatula for scraping. Repos Cuticle Remover Cream 120gr.

- Hydrates, softens and facilitates cuticle removal Instructions for use: Spread the product evenly on the hands and/or feet, especially in the nail regions, until completely absorbed, start removing the cuticles.

Repos Amaciante Cutículas e Calosidades 120ml + Creme Removedor 120gr.


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