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Taste slowly with the Pepper Ball Sensation flavor. Developed based on sunflower oil and food-grade gelatin, Pepper Ball, in addition to being 100% edible, has the function of a lubricating agent, after the capsule breaks. A key product that must be taken to bed, to use it is very simple... Follow the steps in “Usage Mode” and go for it. Datasheet Contains: 2 capsules of 3.2 ml each. Packing: Plastic bottle. Function: Flavor and Lubrication. Available Flavors: Chocolate (PB113), Mint (PB114) and Strawberry (PB112). Mode of Use Open the Pepper Ball Sensação package and remove the capsule by gently breaking it. Apply the oil under the region of interest to perform the massage, make gentle movements and taste without moderation. recommendations Avoid contact with eyes, if this occurs, wash with plenty of water. Keep at room temperature. Protect from moisture. Do not apply to places with lacerations or wounds. Keep out of the reach of children. External use.



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