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👉🏻 Foot and hand hydration kit

📌 Feet and hands suffer from everyday dryness and are not always reminded of daily hydration. With that in mind, we put together 1 kit containing an exfoliating product that removes impurities from the skin, as well as a moisturizing cream responsible for replenishing hydration.

Kit contains:

👉🏻1Fabric softener repos:

-Bottle with 120ml;

- based on an emollient;

- Emollient of dryness;

-Instant cutilage accelerator;

-Ready to use;

Anti-bacterial and Biodegradable;

-Ideal for Foot Spa protocol;

-Ideal for removing cuticles;

-Ideal for softening the Feet;

-Use only on full skin;

-Product not tested on animals;

-Product compatible with other brands;

-Brazilian industry.

👉🏻1 Exfoliating repos:

-Pot with 250gr;

-Threaded lid;

-Medium abrasion;

-Does not harm the skin;

-Eliminates roughness and dead cells;

-Cleanses and renews the skin;

-Provides comfort and velvety texture;

-Potentializes the absorption of other assets to be applied;

-Product compatible with other brands;

📍Made in Brazil.

👉🏻1 Repos moisturizing cream:

-Pot with120grs;

-Threaded lid;

-Contains Urea;

-Urea penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin;

-Stimulates collagen production;

-Prevents cracks resulting from dryness;

-Ideal for Hands and Feet;

-Effective hydration;

-Product compatible with other brands;

-Brazilian industry.

📌 How to use:

Apply the emollient with cotton to the soles of the feet, avoid other regions as they are sensitive. Occlude for 20 minutes. With clean hands and feet, start the exfoliation all over the soles and back, make circular movements with a little force. Remove excess with the aid of cotton with water or spray. Dry well. Then apply the moisturizer and have a nice massage. In addition to looking clean, smooth will provide relaxation.

Kit Spa dos Pés Repos Amaciante Esfoliante e Creme Ureia.


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