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BWB Mold Cup Mousse 4 Special with Silicone Ref.9435

Mold with 08 cavities (3 pieces, 2 rigid and 1 flexible in silicone).

Approximate dimensions: Shape: L 26.5 X W 24 X H 5 Dimensions (cm): 3.7 Diameter x 3.5 Height Average weight: 11g BWB Reference: 9435

Tips: Before and after using the mould, clean it with a cloth dipped in warm water. Let it dry. No detergent, soap or loofah. Between one process and another, clean the mold with absorbent paper only.

Store out of sunlight and do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50°C.

Forma BWB Copo Mousse 4 Especial com Silicone Ref.9435.


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