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Ejetor de Massas c/8 Discos - Mago.

The Dough Ejector is a tool that facilitates the finishing of your productions, with 8 discs with different designs. This tool quickly models American paste, elastic dough, biscuit, modeling clay and others that are kneaded with a little vegetable fat, handling the ejector is easier. Ideal for finishing pies or cakes. Your discs can be replaced with a pastry nozzle. Unleash your imagination and produce amazing and unique designs!

Approximate product dimensions: Pistol: Height: 2cm x Width: 6cm x Length: 10cmDisc: Height: 2cm x Diameter: 2cm Contents: 8 Discs. 1 Ejector. Material: Plastic.

Ejetor de Massas c/8 Discos - Mago.


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