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✅The L'eau de Lily Gift Kit presents an incredible composition with L'eau de Lily. In an enchanting package, it comes with two more items to enhance Lily's floral fragrance and intensely moisturize, with the deodorant moisturizing cream for the body and hands. A feminine gift that will thrill:

👉🏻L'EAU DE LILY Made especially for those who already love Boticário's feminine fragrance, L'eau de Lily Deodorante Cologne brings a more sophisticated and fresh fragrance that overflows with femininity, with a touch of delicacy in a floral and striking signature. Ideal to use every day and feel the facets of the Floral olfactory family on the skin. L'eau de Lily, the essence of a light and striking woman! 👉🏻SATIN CREAM LILY Lily Body Deodorant Moisturizing Satin Cream is the ideal combination of intense and prolonged perfumation with the sophisticated Floral Bouquet de Lily fragrance. Composed of Shea Butter, which creates a protective film and Vitamin E, its velvety and soft texture glides easily on the skin, bringing hydration that lasts up to 48 hours.

👉🏻DEODORANT MOISTURIZING CREAM FOR LILY HANDS The Lily Moisturizing Deodorant Cream for Hands offers a special care for the skin of the hands, with the same fragrance as the Lily Eau de Parfum. Provides fragrant and intense hydration for up to 48 hours, even for the driest areas. It does not damage or take away the shine of the enamel and does not leave the skin oily or sticky.

1 Kit Presente L´eau de Lily (3 itens).

£95,00 Preço normal
£76,00Preço promocional

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