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Lily Perfumed Body Deodorant Oil, 150ml Lily Perfumed Oil.

Body Deodorant provides a silky and velvety touch without leaving the skin sticky or with that sticky feeling. Returns the appearance of healthy skin and leaves it soft. Easy to spread and rinse off, the scented oil provides hydration for 70 hours without rinsing and 48 hours even after rinsing, leaving an explosion of fragrance in and out of the shower.


Hydration for up to 70 hours without rinsing and up to 48 hours when applied while showering.

• Clinically and dermatologically tested.

• Prevents skin dryness and the appearance of stretch marks, blemishes and signs of premature ageing. Lily Satin

✅Body Deodorant Moisturizing Cream, 250g Lily Creme Satin Moisturizing Body Deodorant has a texture with a satin touch that hydrates the skin intensely for up to 48 hours, providing prolonged perfumation with the same sophisticated fragrance Lily Eau de Parfum, enveloping you throughout the day.

The Lily Moisturizing Satin Cream has a unique texture that protects your skin with a protective film, which in addition to promoting intense hydration, also helps to prevent dryness caused by the sun and the cold and dry climate.

Lily Acetinated Body Moisturizing Cream has shea butter in its composition, which is recognized for its natural emollient properties, which are quickly absorbed and ultra moisturizing.

1 Creme acetinado Lily 250g. 1 Oleo corporal Lily 150 ml.

£47,00 Preço normal
£37,60Preço promocional

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