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Boticollection Thaty Deodorant Cologne 100ml

With Aromatic Lavender fragrance, Thaty is part of Boticollection, a brand that brings together the classic fragrances of Boticário's perfumery.

The female cologne deodorant is fresh and combines notes of Lavender, Lavandin and Eucalyptus with Rose, Geranium and Musk. A fragrance with history, lots of love and affection for your day!

With a young and surprising touch, Boticollection Thaty Deodorant Cologne is a striking fragrance, created for women who love surprises and live life with a lot of imagination. After all, creativity is a fundamental part of achieving goals in any area of human life.

The name Thaty of the female fragrance is a tribute from the founder of O Boticário to his daughter, Tatiana.

Olfactory Family: Aromatic Lavender

None of Grupo Boticário's products are tested on animals

1 Boticollection Thaty Desodorante Colônia 100ml.


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