Disposable Pedicure Basin Protector Ntflex 50un. Disposable Protector for Ntflex Pedicure Basin 50 units.

The NT-Flex Pedicure Basin Protector are excellent for use in beauty salons to protect the containers used for the pedicure procedure, NT-Flex protectors are disposable, thus giving greater safety to the beauty salon customers, it prevents customers from coming into direct contact with the containers, preventing contamination by fungi or mycoses.

The Basin Protector was created with high quality plastic, it has elastic which ensures that it fits any type of basin thus bringing greater comfort.

Hygiene and practicality. Brand: Ntflex Package contains 50 disposable units 👉🏻Basin not included.

Protetor Descartável de Bacia Pedicure Ntflex 50un

£12,00 Preço normal
£10,20Preço promocional