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New Cosmeticos - Okra Progressive Brush Plástica Dos Fios 1000ml Anti-frizz treatment Repair. With a perfect combination of assets, in addition to Orthomolecular technology that balances essential vitamins and amino acids, preserves hydrogen bonds and promotes internal hydration of the wires. Restores the hair fiber, and maintains the degree of moisture, in order to restore the essential amino acids for the structure of the wires.

Reduces volume and eliminates frizz, leaving hair sealed, shinier and healthier. - Arginine + Acai + Okra.

Usage suggestion:

1 - Apply step 01 on wet hair, distributing and massaging the wires;

2 - Rinse and repeat the procedure if necessary;

3 - After washing your hair, dry it 100% with the help of a dryer;

4 - Apply step 02, 1/2 cm away from the scalp, starting from the root along the entire length of the strands;

5 - Let it act 15 minutes, then plank 10 to 15 times in thin strands.

Result: Straight hair with shine and softness.

Progressiva Quiabo Plástica Dos Fios New Cosméticos.


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