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The Portier Exclusive is a professional hair treatment that consists of two steps: Shampoo Intensive Clean and Beauty Smoothing Effect Mask. It contains a fascinating formula that makes a huge transformation in the hair. It has a high power of reconstruction and hydration, leaving the wires with natural movement and no frizz.

Shampoo deeply cleans the hair by removing the waste accumulated in the hair fiber leaving extremely clean and opening the cuticles, so they are ready to receive the treatment, while the Beauty Effect Smoothing acts as a conditioning agent providing realignment to the cuticular surface due to its moisturizing and reconstructive action, giving the hair lightness, softness and grace to the dry and rebellious hair.

How to use:


1 • Wet the hair and apply the Intensive Clean Shampoo by rubbing all the hair from the root to the tips.

2 • Rinse the hair and repeat the application of the shampoo twice more, rubbing all the hair well and in the last application let it act on the hair for a maximum of 20 minutes checking the opening of the cuticles. Then rinse all hair and dry it 100% with dryer in hot air from root to tip.


1 • Divide the hair into 4 parts: forehead at the nape and ear at the ear.

2 • Start applying the product with the help of comb and brush on one of the parts passing the product in wicks, from top to bottom.

3 • After application throughout the hair, release cool air drying from 80% to 100% so that there is evaporation of alcohol without causing discomfort.


1 • Divide the applied part into thin strands, hold the board, position the comb in front and descend from the root to the tips slowly, repeating this same process 3 times in the same strand.

2 • Do the same on every part applied or strand to be sealed.


1 • For the sealing of the cuticles, a wide and narrow board of good quality, high heating and that there is no opening in the closed positioning is necessary.

2 • Separating the fine strands, pass two boards, one after the other to keep the hair warm from root to tip, slowly for up to 15 times.

3 • Repeat the procedure for the rest of the hair, doing one part at a time.


1 • For a perfect result, the hair should be perfectly iron board from root to tip.

2 • For blond hair you should work with the board with a temperature of 180º to 200º maximum.

3 • In the case of hair that will be discolored it is necessary that the discoloration is first made to then make the sealing followed by the shading.

4 • For the retouching of dark colors the application should be done after sealing the cuticles.

5 • For light colors (above 8 - light blonde) it should be colored before sealing the cuticles.

6 • For relaxed hair with chemical processes:

Ammonium thioglycollate and Etalonamine: Portier Exclusive can be applied on the same day.

Guanidine and Sodium Hydroxide: Wait a week for the sensitivity of the scalp.


1 • After sealing the cuticles throughout the hair, wait 5 minutes and wash the hair with Portier Shampoo and Conditioner Home Care.

2 • Comb the hair and dry it with the aid of a blow dryer.

TIP: If the hair is dry due to previous chemical processes, it is recommended to use the Portier maintenance mask in place of the conditioner.


-1 Shampoo Intensive Clean 1L

-1 Beauty Effect Smoothing 1L

Portier Exclusive Blowout Hair Progressive Brush 2x1L - Portier

£120,00 Preço normal
£108,00Preço promocional

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