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It was inspired by the fashionable men, and paid tribute to this male audience through this creation.

It is a scent that has a lot to do with the "male label", which is actually a long way to this principle be adopted by men but by little we have with these characteristics, this scent makes this type of representation for the stylish men.

For those who did not identify much with the perfume Styletto, the most traditional of O Boticario, can make an assessment of this perfume, to identify better with the fragrance.

Then check out the Styletto Elegance perfume developed by O Boticario.

Styletto more developed styletto First we can say that is a latest perfume is not as old as the traditional perfume.

This fragrance is more geared for men who seek a more sophisticated flavor than a traditional perfume.

You can see the very bottle is highlighted with a black to give a better look of refinement, and to pass an impression of an evolution of its traditional perfume.

It is a really refined fragrance, and it is well geared to the most elegant male audience, and seeks scent with various notes present in essence.

Then we'll see more about this fragrance in its composition notes.

Composition of scent Now we evaluate the notes of the perfume composition Styletto Elegance.

It is a fragrance composition which has very varied notes, forming a cocktail of substances in their layers to give a peculiar aroma.


Top notes:

Bergamot, Lavender, Mandarin, Apple. Heart notes: geranium, cedar, vetiver, oak moss.

Base notes: Favatonka, Vanilla, Musk, Sandalwood. Has no floral note to "sweeten" a little aroma fragrance, but we can notice that this fragrance has notes of vanilla in its base notes, which will give a more pleasant appearance along with these other substances, which can be said to be drier.

O Boticario 1 Styletto Elegance Eau Toilette 100ml


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