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Elysée Blanc Eau de Parfum trusts that the best way to stand out is to be faithful to yourself!

That's why it brings a fragrance that combines the sophistication of the Cyprus notes with the Jasmine Sambac from India, one of the most perfumed species of the flower.

Jasmine Sambac is harvested at the beginning of the season while the flowers are still closed. This process highlights its fruity floral notes that bring personality to the fragrance.

Elysée is perfect for those who are interested on remarkable female fragrances for both day and night.

For being an Eau De Parfum, it has greater concentration of essential oils and, high quality raw materials, with this, it has greater durability and fixation on the skin.

The flask of the eau de parfum evidences its elegance, with glass in absolute transparency and varnish effect to highlight the quality of the liquid.

Elysée Blanc, ready to show who you are!How to use

Spray the desired amount around the neck and wrists.

O Boticário EAU de Parfum Elysée Blanc Female Long-lasting Perfume 50ml/1.7fl.oz

£46,00 Preço normal
£41,40Preço promocional

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