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A body care line created from the combination of extracts of Damascena, Bourbaniana, Mosqueta and White roses. A perfect alchemy with a fragrance that brings the most modern facet of flowers.


Soft and bright, rosé moisturizing oil is an exclusive combination of roses that brings sweet liveliness to the senses. It is your skin full of life.

HYDRATING: Features purified quinoa oil, which is the richest in anti-aging nourishment of all grains. It’s been chosen for its ability to help keep skin hydrated to maintain a youthful, healthy, and plump appearance.

FRAGRANCE: Our lightweight body cream is infused with fragrance microcapsules that break down slowly throughout the day to increase the longevity of each essence, complementing your skin’s natural beauty and energy.

NATIVA SPA: All about skin that attracts and energizes, that makes you smile in the mirror without knowing why. We invite you to experience life with your body, skin, and soul.

Nativa SPA by O Boticário, Rosé Moisturizing Body Lotion, Deeply Moisturize and

£18,00 Preço normal
£10,80Preço promocional

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