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Body Moisturizing Deodorant Lotion Cuide-se Bem Bendito Cactus 200ml

In the heat, with all the incidence of the sun and the dry climate, the skin is more exposed and deserves special care, especially the most dry areas, such as knees, elbows, heels, legs and feet. Therefore, Cuide-se bem Bendito Cacto brings a powerful body lotion with intense hydration, ideal to use in the driest and roughest regions of the body.

The Body Moisturizing Deodorant Lotion Cuide-se Bem Bendito Cactus 200ml, in addition to being the perfect size to always carry with you in your toiletry bag, has several benefits for your self-care routine. Just look:

· Intense and immediate hydration;

· Absorbs quickly;

· Soft and smooth skin;

· For dry areas such as knees, elbows, heels and feet;

· Reduces dryness and whitish appearance of the skin;

· Vegan formula.

Just apply the moisturizing lotion all over your body during your care ritual or at any time of the day. Ready, skin protected from dryness and intensely hydrated to face the hottest days of the year!


Inspired by the Brazilian northeast, Cuide-se Bem Bendito Cacto brings the best of cactus to its new line: the lightness of water combined with a fresh, sensual and striking fragrance. The result is hydrated, fragrant skin with a refreshing sensation for much longer.

Cuide-se Bem Bendito Cactus: refreshing hydration to perfume the skin and alleviate the feeling of heat!

None of Boticário's products are tested on animals.

Loção Desodorante Hidratante Corporal Cuide-se Bem Bendito Cacto 200ml.


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