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📌Liquid Softener for Cuticles and Calluses REPOSES

👉🏻Repós cuticle and callus softener is simple and easy to use, ideal for removing cuticles and calluses as it is already diluted and ready for use, facilitating the professional's operation in manicure and pedicure. You don't need to use water, it doesn't smell and it doesn't leave your nails yellow. In just 10 seconds, it leaves the cuticle ready for removal.

👉🏻Cream For Hands And Feet Cuticle Remover REPOSS Hydrates the skin of hands and feet. Softens the cuticles making it easier to remove. Instructions for use: Spread the cream evenly on the hands and feet, especially in the nail regions, until completely absorbed. Proceed with the removal of the cuticles.

👉🏻Hands and Feet Cream with Urea REPOSES Moisturizing cream with urea in its formulation is super important for the care of hands and feet. By hydrating, urea stimulates collagen production, prevents cracks resulting from dryness and improves the appearance of the skin. The Repós exfoliating cream contains ground almonds in its formulation, which in addition to exfoliating the skin, regenerates it and makes it soft. Most of the antioxidants are found in the almond shell, and the benefits for the skin are surprising, which is why Repós used it in its exfoliating cream. The ground almond grains were specially treated and elaborated so that it has the purpose of protecting the skin against oxidative stress, creating a more effective protection against UV rays, and preventing premature aging of the skin.

The benefits of the repos exfoliant are many, when used in the Spa of the feet or hands they promote softness and prevent cracks.

✅01 Softener (Softener) Cuticles and Calluses 120ml. repos

✅01 Remover Cream 120gr Repos

✅01 Urea Cream 120gr Reposts

✅01 Body Scrub 250gr Repos

kit SPA dos pés Repos amaciante removedor de cutículas esfoliante e hidratante.


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