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Softener Moisturizing Remover Cuticles And Calluses Repos Repos Cuticle and Callus Remover Moisturizing Kit Contains: 1 Cuticle and Callus Remover Liquid Conditioner 120ml Repos 1 Cuticle Remover Cream 120g Repos 1 Hands and Feet Moisturizing Cream with Urea 120g Repos Repos cuticle and callus softener is simple and easy to use , ideal for removing cuticles and calluses, since it is already diluted and ready for use, facilitating the operation of the professional in manicure and pedicure. You don't need to use water, it doesn't smell and it doesn't leave your nails yellow. In just 10 seconds, it leaves the cuticle ready for removal.

How to use: Apply on the cuticles, wait only 10 seconds and start to easily remove the cuticle. Cuticle Remover Cream 120g Hydrates the skin of hands and feet. Softens the cuticles making it easier to remove. Instructions for use: Spread the cream evenly on the cuticles of the hands or feet, until completely absorbed. Proceed with the removal of the cuticles.

Hand and Foot Cream with Urea 120g hydrates and softens the skin, prevents dryness, eliminates roughness and cracks, thus providing a feeling of softness, comfort and freshness. Urea when used in a proportion of up to 10% (this percentage is released by ANVISA) does not cause any harm to health, but it should be avoided in people with allergies to the component, irritated skin or pregnant women. Concentrations above 3% can easily cross the placental barrier and be absorbed by the fetus.

In case of suspected pregnancy, suspend use and talk to the Obstetrician.

Kit Spa dos Pés - Repos Amaciante de Cutículas e Calosidades Removedor.


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