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👉🏻Taking good care of your nails is more than just looking after your beauty, it is also about looking after your health and well-being.


HOOF And let's go with a care tip to close the week with a flourish? This time it's for those who have the most fragile and brittle nails. To make them firmer, our Horse Hoof Base is perfect! It contains non-active technology with Keratin and D-Panthenol that are capable of repairing and sealing nails, as well as promoting hydration and recovering their natural shine. ⠀

✅So before polishing, invest in the power of Horse Hoof to keep your nails beautiful and healthy!

✅With the Growth Accelerator Bomb Base you strengthen your nails and help with their growth. The Impala Pump Base with Growth Accelerator has a moisturizer with a growth activator, has a strengthening function, helping to protect against breakage, rejuvenates your nails and prevents premature aging of your nails. .Contains Vitamin E, D-Pantenon and is a base rich in Argan, Almond, Rice and Macadamia oils.

✅The Impala Recovery Base has a formula with keratin hydrolyzate that helps in the recovery of brittle nails. Your nails stronger and healthier.

✅Feature/Action Its formula with keratin hydrolyzate helps in the recovery of brittle nails, strengthening their structure and making them healthier.

✅Suggested use Shake well before use, apply the polish to your nails and wait for it to dry.

✅Result: Perfect Coverage, Intense Shine, Long Lasting.

Kit 4 Bases Tratamento Endurecedor Sos Unhas Impala.


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