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BWB- Cod. 9419. Chocolate mold for special dates, for a special occasion like yours. Chocolate mold with 3 pieces (2 rigid and 1 flexible "silicone") Approximate product dimensions: Chocolate mold plate measurement: 24 x 18.5 x 2.5 (L x W x H) Cavities: 5 rigid cavities Average Weight: 15g Note: Before and after using your Chocolate Mold, clean them with a cloth dipped in warm water. Let it dry. Never use detergent, soap or loofah.

❌Instructions and precautions: not suitable for dishwasher. | no direct contact with an open flame or close to heat sources (such as toaster heating pipes), it is recommended that when baking, it is placed in the oven in the middle or top position, keep a space with tubular heating elements.

Forma para Chocolate com Silicone Esfera de 50mm 5cm 15g Ref. 9419 BWB 1unid


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