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Special Honey Bread Shape With Bow Cód. 848 BWB.

BWB's Special Molds were developed to speed up and facilitate work when making bonbons, truffles and other sweets. As it is made up of three parts, it makes the bonbon in one go, it is easy to unmold and they have a great finish.


- Mold with 4 cavities

- Material: acetate and silicone

- Composition: PET and PE

- Non-toxic product

- Cavity dimensions: 5.2 X 5.2 X 2.5 cm (length X width X height)

- Reusable

- Approximate weight of the finished cone: 23 g

- Code vendor: 848 Amount:

- Pack with 1 unit. of the product, consisting of 2 parts of acetate (rigid) and one of silicone (flexible)

Confeitaria - Forma Especial Silicone Pão de Mel com Laço - BWB 848


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