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Boti Baby Nana Neném Combo: Cologne Deodorant 100ml + Body Moisturizer 150g.

The Boti Baby Nana Neném Combo delivers a real night care routine for your baby to stay relaxed and ensure a relaxing atmosphere for a good night's sleep.

Developed with a lot of love and care in a limited edition, this fragrance is smooth, light, cozy and ideal for the moment of sleep.

Boti Baby Nana Nenén is made to create a cozy atmosphere to relax your baby and deliver a good night's sleep for the little one.

CHILDREN'S COLONY Boti Baby Nana Neném Cologne's formula has a delicate and relaxing fragrance, to wrap your baby's night care ritual with lots of love and an irresistible scent. 

MOISTURISING LOTION Boti Baby Nana Neném Body Moisturizing Lotion has a soft texture, creating a cozy atmosphere that packs your baby's body with an irresistible scent, in a soft and irresistible texture.

No O Boticário product is tested on animals, that is, this item has the Cruelty Free seal.

Combo Boti Baby Nana Neném: Desodorante Colônia 100ml + Hidratante Corporal 150g


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