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Natura Kaiak Collection - Kaiak Urbe Eau de Toilette 3.4 Fl Oz)..

A successful blend of fresh and aquatic notes on an elegant woody base. This masculine and urban eau de toilette adds an indispensable dash of sophistication to your everyday life.

Olfactory family: Fern

Fresh and aquatic notes.

Instructions for use:

For a natural and long-lasting effect, spray the fragrance on your wrists, neck or behind your ears.


Whether you wear it to give yourself some courage, to seduce your loved one, or just to boost your energy, or if you smell it and it reminds you of a loved one, a special moment or a happy memory, at Natura perfume is considered a true expertise and its expression is an art.

Well-known throughout Brazil, the Natura perfume house combines olfactory compositions of the highest quality, with new ingredients from Brazilian and Amazonian biodiversity, with organic alcohol, to prove that elegance, innovation and ethics can co-exist sustainably.

Colonia Kaiak Urbe 100 Ml - (Natura Kaiak Collection - Kaiak Urbe Eau de Toilett


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