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Stamps With Phrases of Gratitude.

This great news arrived here at Embaleme, stamps for sweets and pasta with the phrases "Gratitude", "Joy", "Success", "Love", "Peace", "Faith".

Surprise your customers with this news!

In this kit comes 6 stamps and a piece to fit them, each stamp is 2 cm and they are all yellow, with the exception of the base.

The 2cm Stamps are perfect for stamping gourmet sweets weighing more than 20g, in addition to being versatile for stamping other types of dough, such as cookies, fondant and biscuit.

Additional Information: Quantity: 6 stamps and 1 base Available colors: Yellow

Brand: Bluestar Stamp

size: 2cm Ideal for pasta and sweets in general.

Carimbos Com Frases de Gratidão.


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