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Wise Woman Study Bible Box + Book Women of the Bible Watercolor Tulips

Addressing issues present in women's daily lives, and bringing texts for meditation with several uplifting words, the Wise Woman's Study Bible was made especially for a female audience. Contains practical applications and studies, which provides a clearer and more understandable reading.

In their SPECIAL and exclusive EDITION, they come with the Wise Woman Study Bible, a Women of the Bible book and a personalized collectible box.

• Luxury PU cover

• Printed Edge

• Hypergiant Letter

• Size 15.0 x 24.0 cm

• Revival Harp and Choirs

• Almeida Revista Corregida


01 Wise Woman Study Bible

01 book Women of the Bible

01 collectible personalized box

• SPECIAL EDITION: Wise Woman Study Bible + Women of the Bible Book + Personalized Box | • Almeida Revised and Corrected | • Revival Harp and Choirs | • Luxury PU Cover | • 1536 pages + Harp | • 15 x 24 cm | • Hypergiant Letter.

Box Edição Especial Mulher Sábia De Estudo E Livro Mulheres Da Bíblia.


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