Pepper Ball Explosive Capsule – Mint – 2 Units – Pepper Blend Pepper Ball Peppermint Capsule is unisex use, ideal for intimate moments of pleasure. Better known as: “Bellow that explodes”, it has a sunflower lubricating oil inside that is surrounded by a kind of gelatinous, soft and thin film, which is burst with the body's own heat. It causes a greater sensation of pleasure and lubrication, facilitating penetration. It releases a fragrant oil that provides a slight heating in the intimate region, easily dissolving the Pepper Ball Plus Gelatin Capsule does not stick and does not stick to the skin, it melts completely without leaving any residue. After bursting, it can be the ideal product for a sensual body massage, feel that sensation with much more intensity! How to use: External use. With the ball in hand, massage lightly over the body and wait until it bursts. Releasing the body oil, apply it on the body where you want.

Bolinha Beijável Pepperball - Menta - Pepper Blend