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The molds are the accompaniment that brings beauty and life to your parties. They make sweets even more beautiful and attractive. They also help optimize street and cart sales of sweets – a growing trend.

👉🏻Brigadiers, beijinhos, cajuzinhos, party sweets in general, with about 20 grams, can fit in these molds. It is also possible to put mini-brownies, which are a good size.

👉🏻It is a product suitable for confectionery, sweets, parties, birthdays, weddings and selling sweets on the street.

🫵🏻Dimensions: x x

➡️Paper: 100gsm

🇧🇷Leila Tem Tudo

500unds Forminha para doces 4 pétalas de papel. Truffle cases for sweets.🇧🇷


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