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Lot 1 bottles 1000ml 33.8 OZ Let Me Be Protein Smoothing Treatment Formaldehyde-free

100% Original from Brazil

Let Me Be Protein Smoothing Treatment Progressive Brush is a capillary heat treatment with great efficiency in reducing the volume and frizz of the hair in a single step.

Let Me Be Smoothing Treatment Progressive Brush is made up of amino acids and Baobab extract that combats the aging of the hair fiber and restores the health of the hair by its high antioxidant capacity. Let Me Be Shampoo Smoothing the wires in a healthy way, leaving them sparkling, velvety and aligned.

How to use:

Apply the Let Me Be Smoothing Treatment Progressive Brush on dry hair, let it act for 40 to 90 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, dry 100% and divide into 4 parts. Pranche with temperature of 200ºC in fine wicks until the cuticles are sealed. Rinse and finish as desired.


- Promotes softness and restoration to the wires, reducing volume and eliminating frizz. Hair with a lush exuberance and without embarrassment.

- Super Brightness to the Hair Reviving the color in the wires;

- Maximum Hydration;

- Nutrition;

- Softness;

- Sedimentation;

- Wire alignment and frizz combat.

- Instant Reconstruction;

- Strength and Nutrition fighting the breaking of the threads;

- Capillary mass repository lost due to chemical aggressions;

- Cauterizes the inner part of the fiber;

- Protection against high temperatures;

- Conditioning and clearance;

- Intense Brightness;

- Healthy Growth.

Let Me Be ProSalon Protein Smoothing Treatment Single Step 1 x 35oz/1000ml Lot

£120,00 Preço normal
£99,60Preço promocional

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