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Activated charcoal presents high performance in water filtration in gravity filters.

This gravity filtration system through the filtering element (sail), composed of microporous ceramic material, retains solid particles and microscopic impurities, in which the water passes slowly through the candle, being filtered drop by drop due to the low pressure exerted by the water flow. Providing healthy and crystalline water.

It still contains activated charcoal inside, a product used in water purification, as it is dechlorinating (reduces the chlorine present in the water), also contributing to the reduction of unpleasant odors and flavors.

The activated carbon used in Acqua Azzurra candles is made from coconut shells, a carbon material with high porosity and capacity for selective collection of gases, liquids and impurities inside its pores, having an excellent deodorization and liquid purification power.

This filtering element is compatible for use in all gravity filters.

1 Vela para filtro carvão ativado Acqua Azzurra.


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