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1 Nativa SPA Plum Body Liquid Soap 200ml.

Nativa SPA Plum Body Liquid Soap leaves your skin clean, fragrant and full of life every day. And to get out of the shower smelling good, the soap brings the fragrance of Plum, an intense and vibrant scent that wakes you up and, at the same time, makes you want to close your eyes.

Sustainability secrets: Its packaging is made with vegetable plastic, derived from sugar cane.

As a result, for every kilogram of plastic used in the manufacture of packaging, we avoid the emission of 4 kg of greenhouse gases. Contains: 200ml

1 Sabonete Líquido Corporal Nativa SPA Ameixa 200ml.

£20,00 Preço normal
£10,00Preço promocional

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