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Brigadeiro Beijinho Candy Serving Plate 13g 50 Holes

Make standardized brigadeiros and sweets quickly and conveniently.

Bringing professionalism and standardization to your productions. No more wasting time weighing 1 by 1, with the portioning plate you increase your production by increasing your profitability without losing quality.

-Made of high-intensity polyethylene (material suitable for food)

-Has 50 holes

-Produces portions of 13 grams (May vary up to 1g)

-The kit contains a dosing plate, a board for supporting and placing the portions and a removal stick

✅Measurements: Length 28.0 x Width 19.0 x Thickness 2.0 cm

📌Instructions for use:

1° Clean and sanitize the Candy Portion Plate.

2° After cleaning, apply the Desmolding Spray of your choice.

3° Place your hot recipe on the plate, let it cool naturally or through refrigeration.

4° After cooling, remove the portions with the Removal Stick.

1 Placa porcionadora de doces brigadeiro e beijinho 18g 50 furos.


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