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Dimensions: 28 x 19 x 2 (cm)

50 holes 20 grams

Comes with: 01 dosing plate;

01 bottom plate; 01 product highlight stick; Instructions for use:

1° Clean and sanitize the Candy Portion Plate.

2° After cleaning, pass through all the holes in the plates: Mold Release Spray of your choice.

3° Cover the support plate with plastic film. 4° Place your hot and liquefied recipe in the plate holes, let it cool naturally or through refrigeration.

5° After cooling, remove the portions with the Removal Stick.

*The weight can vary up to 2 grams, as this will depend on the Recipe used and on how the Plate is handled.

1 Placa porcionadora de doces - 50 furos 20g.


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